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Strategy consultant

Strategy consultant at a firm run by students


Strategy consultant






Young Advisory Group (YAG) is a consultancy firm run by students. With five branches spread over the Netherlands, it has executed over 300 projects for big corporates as well as sole proprietorships. As a part of YAG, you not only execute consultancy projects but also run the company by taking up different roles. People are part of YAG for about a year and a half.

Each half year, you had a new role within your branch of the company. I took up the roles marketing, operations and national coordination between the branches. Some of my main achievements were setting up our diversity and inclusion team which completely altered the solicitation process, the revision of our board of advisors and a new design for our online marketing.

Project 1

A market leader in B2B e-learning wanted to explore expansion to other European countries. Our team held internal interviews with the country officers already active throughout Europe. Through color coding the interviews, the relevant criteria for expansion were selected. All criteria were ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 and afterwards a weighted average was taken to end up with ranked list.

Project 2

For a developer, producer and distributor of high-performance plastics, the internal communication strategy was looked into. With the distinction between office and floor personnel at the company, our team looked into how current communication was received and experienced. Multiple internal interviews were conducted with personnel at each level of the company. Additionally, desk research and an external questionnaire were executed. Different personas were designed to illustrate the differences in wishes with regard to communication and a set of five recommendations was made to improve the communication strategy.

Project 3

A designer and producer of light installations had our team investigate the potential to enter a variety of new markets and find the right connections within these markets. Markets ranged from the crematoria sector to specialized healthcare. A quickscan, several business cases and interviews with some of the biggest companies in the markets were executed. Eventually, the necessary connections were identified and presented to the client.

Project 4

An online knowledge session was organized for a local authority in the Netherlands. Three claims about technology and the development of a local authority were presented and substantiated from multiple perspectives by experts on the subject. After each claim, we build in time to address thoughts and opinions of the people present. Pro's and cons to technological development in urban areas were discussed and debated. Afterwards, all information was analyzed, summarized and presented to our client.