Studio Flavi | Flavia van Tilburg

Hi there!

I'm Flavia, a freelance web designer with a background in UX research and design for online environments. With my admiration for intuitive human-technology interactions, I'm always on a quest to find the hidden gems that seamlessly integrate in any setting. My websites aim for this intuitive interaction and strive to make an impression and generate relevant experiences.

Another quest I'm on is about seeing as much as possible of this round thing we humans live on. Being untied to any location, I aspire to continuously explore the world while doing what I do best: creating an online experience to inform (potential) clients about your company.

My studio, Studio Flavi, has evolved out of my desire to help people create the most coherent and harmonious websites while living an untied life myself. Feel free to reach out at any time!

UX researcher

Redesign website

UX design training

Synthetic speech manipulation

UX audit

Strategy consultant