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UX researcher

Advising on, shaping and executing (UX) research with the 50.000 partners connected to


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UX Researcher

Stakeholder management

UX Design Intern is the biggest e-commerce company currently operating in The Netherlands and Belgium with over 13 million active users and over 50.000 sales partners who sell their products through the platform (Oct, 2022).

As part of the Partner Innovation Center, I focused on the platforms partners used to operate their business' on on a daily basis and the innovations that were continuously performed on these platforms. I was involved in shaping, executing and analyzing qualitative research in all forms and shapes. Additionally, as the Innovation Center had just been set up, I also spend time on setting up peripheral matters to get the team running efficiently and gain traction within the company.

UX Research

My job was to help colleagues executing research with our partners from beginning to end. Colleagues would book an intake with me to discuss their wishes, ideas and reasons for conducting research. A plan with a target audience, n, goal, hypotheses, timeline and more was constructed. Often new designs were shown to partners so, together with the design team, I would coordinate which screens to show and discuss. My preferred methodologies for research were in-depth interviewing, open-ended questioning, card sorting, visiting partners personally and task-based interviewing. I also moderated focus groups about a variety of subjects.


Vision development

I set up and moderated multiple internal and external focus groups to discuss and produce a clear vision and multiple year plan for the Partner Innovation Plan.

General management

To set up the Innovation Center properly, I produced a learning line about qualitative research to be followed by colleagues, arranged a physical training for our colleagues every half year and implemented a new system enabling colleagues to thank our sales partners after participating in research.

UX Design

I joined the design team at the partner side part-time. For them, I created new wireframes and low-fi designs to be tested by our partners and build an entire new online product that had yet to be implemented when I left the company.