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Updating the outdated

Updating an outdated website with a new design and SEO strategy


L van der Wiel website design


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L van der Wiel is a construction company operating in The Hague, the Netherlands. They provide services ranging from small electronic work to building entire new houses. The company exists for about 60 years and has, until now, never felt the urgency to update their online presence. They approached me with the question to completely redesign their website and ensure a SEO strategy.

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Out with the old

As the latest update of their website was done in 2015, it no longer represented what the company stands for nowadays. Both the visuals as well as the text was outdated and fully discarded. Additionally, it was decided to focus more on visual representation rather than amount of text for the new website.

In with the new

The main goal for the new website was to highlight the high end renovations and expertise in sustainable living. Through a set of iterations, we landed on a structure where projects are displayed in a blog format. These are to be updated regularly to slowly build an extensive display of all the work being done.

General areas of expertise by the company, such as making a house more sustainable, were given a separate page. New text was written with the help of ChatGPT and a review from both me and the company.

Over the course of two months, I set up biweekly feedback sessions. This enforced a fluent process with continuous improvements. After these two months, we went live while adjusting some minor attributes to fully optimize the design.


With extensive keyword research and some competitor analysis, the right approach was decided. As the company works locally, the focus was put on a combination between industry based jargon and the city name. Internal links were created along with the strategy of building some backlinks. The entire process and outcome is to be evaluated monthly and changed accordingly.